January 2015 - HoloPro™ on Fashion

HoloPro™ on display at the Voque Fashion Night Out [more]

May 2014 - HoloProTM enjoys another success at the Geneva Motor Show

  Allthoug HoloProTM has already had the privilege of being presented at the Geneva Motor Show many times, Bellprat Associates has implemented a special kind of visitor integration... [more]

October 2013 - HoloPro™ installed "Seventh Heaven"

 A 50" 16:9-HoloProTM embedded in a shop window is the eye-catcher at the new concept store, "Siebter Himmel" ("Seventh Heaven") by Bastei-Lübbe. The... [more]

July 2013 - HoloProTM is completely dedicated to art

The Blue Night in Nuremberg 2013... Slots was installed in the historical council chamber in the city of Nuremberg on the occasion of the 14th Blue Night, which took place there this year:The... [more]

February 2013 - Production of HoloPro™ screens in the good old manner will be continued

We are pleased to announce that we will continue to offer HoloPro™ screens in the well-tried material and all sizes. Due to the continuous high demand and ongoing projects, we decided to... [more]

October 2012 - New HoloSign Sculpture for the Communicator Award

Once again, HoloSign is the sculpture for the Communicator Award in 2012! The artist Michael Bleyenberg  has decided to select a majestic-looking bee as his motif for this year. The bee... [more]

May 2012 - HoloPro™ at the „ORTE“ exhibition

The Neues Kunstforum Köln exhibits work by Gabriella Disler, Katia Engel, Dorthe Goeden und Annette Hurst at the “ORTE” exhibition from 20 April – 27 May 2012. The artist Katia... [more]

April 2012 - HoloPro™ at the Planetarium of Moscow

 Showcases in museums are very suitable for HoloPro™. Real objects can be combined with digital information. Via videos, pictures, or texts appearing on HoloPro™ background knowledge... [more]

December 2011 - Michael Bleyenberg: Fascinating light art with HoloSign

The day had come: November 18. The Gallery A22 in Budapest opened its doors for an exhibition with works by German artists on the theme of kinetics and light art that is on display in the Hungarian... [more]

October 2011 - HoloPro™ - using information to design

Here you can see an installation at the MS (Microsoft Government Affairs and Innovation Center) in Washington, DC. Four interactive 40" HoloProTM screens have been embedded in glass elements... [more]

August 2011 - HoloPro™ effects

Our “star”, HoloProTM, has been at the cinema since 19 May 2011. Using the transparent holographic projection screen, HoloProTM, Pepe Danquart has created a... [more]

August 2011 - PLAY A HUNCH

HoloSign is used once again as the sculpture at the 2011 Communicator Prize Award "PLAY A HUNCH" is the title of this year's sculpture at the 2011 Communicator Prize Award, which is... [more]

June 2011 - HoloStore – Transparent Digital Signage

Shop window advertising in its most beautiful form [more]

January 2011 - HoloPro™ at EuroShop (2011/2/26 to 2011/3/2)

G+B pronova GmbH will have a booth at EuroShop 2011 in Dusseldorf and presents two novelties: - HoloStore - HoloTerminal with keyboard and trackpad You will find us... [more]