HoloPro™ the patented solution for living projections on glass.

The transparency of the projection surfaces leads to creative solutions for information preparation: interactive elements with touch or gesture control broaden the scope of use.
The highly transparent HoloPro™ film is safely embedded between two panes of glass.

HoloPro™ enables projection onto glass in daylight while maintaining transparency. This is made possible by the patented HoloPro™ technology: holographic optical elements are beamed onto a highly transparent film by laser. This is then embedded in glass. The light-guiding effect enables rear projection onto the glass screen. The angle-selective effect of the HOEs means that only the projected picture is directed at the viewer.
The result is a sharp, high-contrast picture – even in broad daylight. HoloPro™ screens become a component of the light and room concept. Individual sizes and shapes create lively information areas that structure the room without disturbing its trans- parency and effect.

HoloPro™ is suitable for a multitude of different presentation applications. For example:

  • As an information system for visitors in reception areas in combination with touch or gesture control
  • In room-high multimedia glass walls
  • As a rear-projection screen in shop windows
  • Screen in broad daylight

The benefits of HoloPro™ at a glance:

  • Projection onto glass
  • Can be used in daylight
  • No darkening necessary
  • Eye-catcher 
  • Brilliant colors
  • Sharp picture
  • Individual sizes
  • Extremely durable
  • Extrem flat screen
  • Perfect integration in room design

The production of HoloPro™ in 4:3 format (up to 67") and 16:9 format (up to 80") and the manufacture to customer-specified sizes and shapes are both possible. HoloPro™ films can also be embedded in larger glass panes or special glass (e.g. hardened glass). They cannot, however, be embedded in existing glass panes. Instead, the HoloPro™ acrylic version can be used in such cases.

Horizontal visibility angle:

+/-    45°

Vertical visibility angle:

+/- 15°

Peak Gain:



Only depends on projector

Standard sizes:

20" - 100" diagonal (4:3 format) up to
128" diagonal (16:9 format)

Max. glass dimension:   

2.50 m x 6 m


Rear or front projection 
Embedding in Amiran®, float or acrylic glass


Touch display (max. 67")
Gesture control
Special shapes, special glass,
Integration into glass walls, facades

HoloPro™ screens always have a narrow edge without film (1.0 – 3.5 cm, depending on the size of the screen), so that the holographic film is protected from air humidity. This sensitivity to air humidity is also the reason why we only deliver HoloPro™ film embedded.


Cinema: "Joschka und Herr Fischer"
Cinema: "Joschka und Herr Fischer"
Römermuseum Güglingen
MS Project Washington
Überseemuseum Bremen
Art Institute Chicago, USA
Digital Signage show case by intel
Digital Signage show case by intel
Deutsche Telekom Bonn by q-bus Mediatektur
Atracsys Booth Euroshop 2008
Sparkasse Bernkastel
Office Cesna Aircraft
Booth with BeMerlin by Atracsys
Deutsche Welle Bonn

Shop Window Bookstore
De Young Museum San Francisco, USA
TV Studio Galileo, Pro 7
BMW Exhibition Stand IAA Frankfurt
intel Booth
Visitor Lounge Frankfurt/Main
Visitor Lounge Frankfurt/Main
STAM Museum Gent
Entrance Theater Winterthur by DECATRON AG
The Prudential Eye by Cogapp
The Prudential Eye by Cogapp
VIP Lounge Kapstadt Airport
Wilson Library University of Minnesota
HoloPresenter Stele at Light and Building, Frankfurt
BBC London
Cadillac Booth IAA Frankfurt
Flagship Store Cellular South
BeMerlin Installation at Basel World
Burnley Technology Center
Entrance Hall NASDAQ, New York City
Deutsches Museum München
Helen Smith Athletic Museums, Richard Lindner Center, Varsity Village University, Cincinnati (Ohio)
Lindner Center, Varsity Village University, Cincinnati (Ohio)
Fortis Bank Zürich by DECATRON AG
HoloPro™ Facade Fundacion Caixia Galicia by RGP
Entrance Bayerischer Fussballverband München
HoloPro™ with PointScreen at VW IAA Booth
VIP Lounge Kapstadt Airport
TV Studio Portugal
Agfa Booth DRUPA

HoloPro™ in Glass

Compound glass production
Compound glass production

HoloPro™ is available in different versions:

The most elegant version is the embedding of the HoloPro™ film in glass, either Amiran® glass or float glass  (see below). HoloPro™ glass projection surfaces are suitable for outside use. The safety of the laminated glass has been proved in appropriate material tests.

Amiran® glass

The classic item in our product range is the HoloPro™ rear projection screen in Amiran® glass. This is also the finest form of projection. Amiran® glass is premium quality, glass with anti-reflective coating from the House of Schott. Residue reflection is only one percent. The maxiumum size of an Amiran® glass pane is 1.7 m x 3.3 m. Please note that these measurements refer only to the glass and not the HoloPro™ film. You will find the maximum film sizes, and therefore screen sizes, under "Dimensions and weights".

Float glass

Float glass has no anti-reflective coating. It is available at lower costs. A further reason to choose float glass can be the size of the glass pane. If the measurements of Amiran® glass are exceeded, it is possible to move to float glass instead. The maximum size is 2.5 m x 6.0 m. Here, too, the measurements only apply to the glass, and not the HoloPro™ film (see above).

Special Features of HoloPro™

HoloPro™ is transparent when not being used for projection, does not block the view and can be integrated inconspicuously into its surroundings. Its transparent characteristics make eye-catching shop window applications possible. But HoloPro™'s elegant apearance, which is unbeatable in its lightness, will also make an impact in foyers, at fair stands and in museums. Its transparency means that surprising effects can be achieved that will enhance creativity. (One possibility is a pause or a black screen in the film that will enable the viewer to see the product positioned behind the screen.) TV studios have been working with the bright and transparent properties of HoloPro™ for a long time.

HoloPro™ is sold worldwide via a specialist dealer network .

Some examples of applications:

  • Shop windows transformed into a living projection surface
  • Facades as a screen for light and video installations
  • Glass walls as information systems for visitors in foyers
  • Transparent presentation surfaces attracting visitors to fair stands

Projection geometry

Adhering to projection geometry is important for the quality of the picture; the drawing shows the set-up for a 50'' HoloPro™ screen:

[engl:] Application pictures

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HoloPro™ Mirror screen at the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Cologne

The HoloPro™ Mirror screen is the solution for front projection. From a technical point of view, this projection screen is identical with the rear-projection screen and it functions in the same manner. The difference is that HoloPro™ Mirror screen works with a high-class mirror directly behind the holographic film. That is the reason why the HoloPro™ Mirror screen is not transparent like the rear-projection screen, but it resembles a dull mirror.


Measures and Weights

HoloPro™ in Amiran® or float glass (4:3) Glass size in mm Film size in mm Weight in kg
20" glass screen 420 x 320 400 x 300 4
30" glass screen 630 x 480 600 x 450 8
40" glass screen 830 x 630 800 x 600 17
50" glass screen 1030 x 780 1000 x 750 21
60" glass screen 1250 x 950 1210 x 910 30
67" glass screen 1370 x 1040 1330 x 1000 38
HoloPro™ in acrylic glass behind a shopping window
HoloPro™ in acrylic glass behind a shopping window

In applications where weight plays a role or  HoloPro™ shall be applied to an existing screen, we advise the embedding in acrylic. The highly transparent HoloPro™ film is laminated between two thin acrylic screens. The lightweight acrylic screen can easily be mounted behind a shop window by using double sided adhesive tape or suckers.

Interactive Technology

HoloPro™ with PrOS Touch Technology
Transparent HoloPro™ projections on glass make presentations come alive. Users can call up information interactively with new technologies. Touching the glass screen will guide users interactively through the presentation.
Please click on the video to start it.
Please click on the video to start it.

Information, interaction, imagination - this is made possible by combining the HoloPro™ projection and the capacitive i-PrOS™ touch control. The HoloPro™ film and the i-PrOS™ touch foil are protected from external influences and integrated into composite glass. The new kind of embedding for the interface controller means that the wires are positioned securely in the framework. HoloPro™ with i-PrOS™ touch foil can be used for different sizes and versions of glass screens. Room-high glass dividing walls and monitor-sized individual screens are possible. Shop window panes can also become interactive i-PrOS™ touch terminals with HoloPro™ in foil.

The HoloPresenter i-PrOS™ complete system unites all the necessary components in one slim column that can be used flexibly.

HoloPro™ i-PrOS™ is suitable for a multitude of presentation applications. For example:

  • Visitor information systems in entrance areas
  • Room-high multimedia terminals 
  • Interactive shop windows 
  • Screens for entertainment and game stations 
  • Media for interactive presentations

HoloPro™ can be made in 4:3 format (up to 100") and 16:9 format (up to 128") or to customer-specific sizes and shapes. HoloPro™ films can also be embedded in larger glass panes or special glass (e.g. hardened glass). It cannot, however, be embedded subsequently in existing glass panes. 

Standard sizes:

40" - 67" (4:3 or 16:9 format)

Special sizes:

Upon request

Technical data:

Horizontal angle of visibility: +/- 45°
Vertical angle of visibility: +/- 15°
Peak Gain: 3.8
Resolution only depends on projector


Recognition method:

Capacitive technology with horizontal and vertical wires


Set by software

Glass strength:

Up to 25 mm, not metal evaporated safety glass


Windows XP, Windows7


- 10° to + 70° C