HoloStore - Transparent Digital Signage

HoloStore is the simple way of displaying information and presentations at a sales location. The benefits of HoloPro™ - its transparency and visibility in broad daylight – mean a high degree of attention for your message. The special characteristics of HoloStore’s holographic display surface enhance the function of the shop window by not covering over the goods displayed in it.

The simple construction of the system is important for the shop window design: for HoloStore, a 40” HoloPro™ screen is positioned at eye level in the shop window; the HoloStore MediaBox is set up at a predefined distance as a shop window element and plugged in to the mains. The beamer and Mac mini start the presentation immediately – the show can begin!

A Casio XJ-A150 DLP projector with XGA resolution and 3000 ANSI lumen is integrated into the HoloStore MediaBox. The speciality of the projector is the special lamp that has a life of 20,000 hours, which means an exceptionally low maintenance. A Mac mini, which can receive the presentation via WLAN, network, DVD or USB stick, plays the data.

The special design means that the entire technology disappears inside a piece of furniture that is easy to integrate into the shop window design.

HoloStore at the EuroShop 2011 as a shopping window application
HoloStore at the EuroShop 2011 as a shopping window application
HoloStore with Stele
HoloStore with Stele

Measurements MediaBox:

Height: 950 mm

Width: 400 mm

Depth: 180 mm

Weight: 30  kg

Image size: 40“ (800 mm x 600 mm)

Total depth of system: 1,20 m

Projector: Casio XJ-A150 with 3000 ANSI-Lumen, Lifetime of lamp 20,000 hours
Player: Mac mini®

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