HoloTerminal - Unique Design, Technical Brilliance

The new HoloTerminal

Floating pictures that transport information with crystal clarity.

HoloTerminal will display your information and presentations in a way that is guaranteed to attract attention – even in a bright environment. Videos, animations or combinations of pictures and text come to life on HoloPro™. Unlike traditional terminals, technology takes a completely background role with HoloTerminal – leaving design to play the starring role. The puristic glass element can be adapted to suit any surroundings. The curved glass screen with a 30” HoloPro™ film laminated into it will make your message look as if it is floating in the room.

HoloTerminal - benefits at a glance:

  • Sophisticated and modern presentation
  • Appealing, timeless design
  • Usable in broad daylight
  • Can be used at fairs, exhibitions and events
  • Saves space, easy to set up

The HoloTerminal is supplied with a Mac mini or a mini PC. The technical equipment (projector, computer) is situated in a fixed position in the base of the HoloTerminal.

Screen size:

HoloPro™ 30“ (600 mm x 450 mm)


630 mm x 1380 mm x 500 mm (W x H x D)


Casio XJ-A140 DLP projector,
equipped with a combined laser & LED hybrid light source,
2500 ANSI Lumen, XGA


Mac mini or mini PC


Interactivity, keyboard with touchpad, flightcase


55 kg

HoloTerminal Technik
The base of the HoloTerminal protects the technical equipment.
HoloTerminal Fuss

The HoloTerminal is easy and safe to transport in its specially designed flight case on rollers. All you have to do when you arrive at your location is unpack it and plug it in. The show can start!
HoloTerminal mit Touchfunktion
HoloTerminal with touch function
HoloTerminal mit Touchfunktion
HoloTerminal with touch function
HoloTerminal mit optionaler Tastatur
HoloTerminal with optional keyboard
HoloTerminal als Messe Kiosksystem
HoloTerminal as trade fair kiosk system
The Munich based agency zweiB created the entire presentation for Walt Disney with Ventuz in stereo3D. The visitors could leave on their stereo-glasses during the whole event since all 3D-worlds, trailers and film scenes were shown in stereo3D. zweiB also installed a HoloTerminal as an interface. Through this device the speaker, Thomas Menne, General Manager of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Studios Germany and Austria, could navigate interactively through the presentation.

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