Monday, 19. January 2015

HoloPro™ on Fashion

HoloPro™ on display at the Voque Fashion Night Out

Karin Swerink, Editor-in-Chief of Voque Netherlands, has used an 80" HoloProTM screen - upright! - to advertise for the H&M collection at the Voque Fashion Night Out.

Outlined on a dark background, Swerink appeared in the display window of the H&M flagship store on the Dam in Amsterdam. This fascinating HoloProTM installation was realised in cooperation with Richard Kuypers from our new Dutch partners

As for the technology, developed the project together with pronova and used a Panasonic PT-DZ 13K placed on its side. This meant that the HoloProTM screen, and therefore the geometry, was rotated 90° and projected onto the window using a mirror. Exciters on the window itself transported the sound outside.

h_m03-klein.jpg79 K
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