Wednesday, 17. August 2011

HoloPro™ effects

HoloPro™-Installation zu Joschka und Herr Fischer

Our “star”, HoloProTM, has been at the cinema since 19 May 2011.

Using the transparent holographic projection screen, HoloProTM, Pepe Danquart has created a production of Joschka Fischer's life:

"JOSCHKA UND HERR FISCHER is much more than a simple biography. Oscar®-winning director Pepe Danquart (SCHWARZFAHRER, HÖLLENTOUR, AM LIMIT) gives us a cross-section of 60 years of German history in an entertaining and insightful manner with impressive documentary pictures, some of which have never been seen before", it says in Pepe Danquart's press note.

Five 50" HoloProTM screens present this filmed journey through time perfectly: "Joschka Fischer was a 1968 activist, a city guerrilla, a taxi driver and a Sponti – he became the Hessian Minister for the Environment in trainers and the German Foreign Minister in a suit: the busy life of Joseph “Joschka” Fischer is used by director Pepe Danquart as a thread to tell six decades of post-war German history", it says in the summary of contents on

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