Monday, 29. July 2013

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[Translate to en:] 100" HoloProTM bei der "Blauen Nacht in Nürnberg"

The Blue Night in Nuremberg 2013...

 Slots was installed in the historical council chamber in the city of Nuremberg on the occasion of the 14th Blue Night, which took place there this year:

The premiere of Rainer Junghanns "Slots", a video installation on a 100" HoloProTM, took place in Düsseldorf in the summer of 2010 (HoloProTM NEWSletter June/July 2010).

"140,000 visitors and an impressive culture.
Even the "14th Blue Night" was not able to drive away the seemingly everlasting winter feelings, but there was still a blue band of spring hovering over Nurembergs´s old town centre. And the visitors took up the offer of combining exploration  of the city with its overflowing culture with thanks..."

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