Monday, 19. December 2011

Michael Bleyenberg: Fascinating light art with HoloSign

Both pictures show light art of Michael Bleyenberg with HoloSign in the Gallery 22 in Budapest/Hungary.

The day had come: November 18. The Gallery A22 in Budapest opened its doors for an exhibition with works by German artists on the theme of kinetics and light art that is on display in the Hungarian capital until 5 January 2012. 

The artist Michael Bleyenberg has once again managed to create some extraordinary light artworks as HoloSigns. One speciality of HoloSign is that the picture contents change depending on the angle of observation. Walking past the work means that the observer will see a cross-fade. These varying perspectives, combined with the luminescent spectral colours, fascinate the eye and inspire thought.

The exhibition is part of a major light art event of the International Kepes Society, Hungary. At the same time (from 15 December 2011) there are two shows taking place in the Budapest and noMade Galleries. Further participants are Mischa Kuball, Kerstin Ergenzinger and Wolfgang Plöger.

The International Kepes Society, IKS, is dedicated to the memory of György Kepes. The Hungarian, a photo and light artist (1906-2001), was a pupil at Bauhaus Chicago. He founded the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, CAVS, at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), MA, USA, in 1967. In keeping with Kepes, the focus of all activities of the IKS is "Light", with all the technical variations and versions from the view of both artists and scientists. 

In addition to art exhibitions, the IKS holds biennial light symposia that are attended by artists and scientists from all over the world.


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