Friday, 12. October 2012

New HoloSign Sculpture for the Communicator Award

Once again, HoloSign is the sculpture for the Communicator Award in 2012! The artist Michael Bleyenberg  has decided to select a majestic-looking bee as his motif for this year.
The bee researcher Jürgen Tautz has won the Communicator Award for the outstanding communication of his research work and for bee research. Mr Tautz is a behavioural biologist and the leader of the bee research group at the Biocentre of the University of Würzburg.  

Persons (from the left): Dr Arend Oetker, award winner Prof. Jürgen Tautz, DFG [German Research Foundation] President Matthias Kleiner, Prof. Ferdi Schüth (laudator).
There is a detailed report that you can read on the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft website

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