NEWSletter June 2012

Dear HoloPro™ friends, 

This time we are showing HoloPro™ applications from the fields of art and education. Here too, the remarkable effects of HoloPro™ draw the attention of visitors and facilitate the transportation of the message.

Would you like to advertise or provide information? But no complications, please? Then take a look at our Mediabox.

If you have any questions we will be glad to answer them. 
Kindest regards from Bergisch Gladbach,

Your pronova team

HoloPro™ at the Library of the University of Edinburgh

Three 100" HoloPro™ screens help generate a special atmosphere at the Library of the University of Edinburgh. They are suspended above the help desk and display both pictures and information. In this way visitors are kept up to date and their attention is drawn to the special grandeur and atmosphere of the location. 


3x 100" HoloPro™ welcome the visitor
Three 100" HoloPro™ welcome the visitors

HoloPro™ at the Neues Kunstforum in Cologne

The Neues Kunstforum Köln exhibited work by Gabriella Disler, Katia Engel, Dorthe Goeden und Annette Hurst at the “ORTE” exhibition from 20 April – 27 May 2012.

The artist Katia Engel, who lives in Jakarta and Berlin, has decided to use HoloPro™ to present her video work “RAUSCHEN”. Dr. Katharina Ammann explained this choice on the exhibition information sheet: “She projects the video onto holographic glass, a material that with its transparency emphasises the exhibition room with its dominating window fronts. Engel underlines the immaterial, barely tangible, inconstant character of light with the glass and the projection.”


The video "RAUSCHEN" at HoloPro™ in the center of the exhibition room
The video work "RAUSCHEN" at HoloPro™ in the center of the exhibition room

Mediabox - projection made simple!

Would you like a chic projection to appeal to your customers or visitors? If only it were not so complicated to sort it all out? Then why not think about using our Mediabox? It can be positioned easily behind HoloPro™, our large 40" transparent projection screen. The unappealing technology has disappeared, elegantly and inconspicuously, complicated ceiling constructions are unnecessary and the projector is already preinstalled. The Mediabox in combination with HoloPro™ (40" HoloPro™ or 40" HoloStele) is called HoloStore.


HoloStore = HoloPro™ + Mediabox
HoloStore here with 40" HoloPro™