NEWSletter March 2013

Dear HoloPro™ friends,

Today we would like to inform you about an impressive installation. Innovative technology within mediaeval walls from the 13th century. Read more about the superb solavi installation!

Nikon are also using the latest technology and are in "Minority Report" fever... we report on an interactive installation by atracsys at the "Salon de la photo" in Paris. Have a look at the film - it´s well worth watching!

If you are interested in shop window applications, you may be interested in a trial application from P&C.

If you are inspired by one or more of these applications, we may be able to help you with your project.

Do not hesitate to contact us!
Nice greetings from Bergisch Gladbach!
Your pronova-Team



Innovative technology at a 13th-century castle museum

We would like to present an impressive installation from our dealers solavi from Latvia. Since September 2001 there has been a museum in the   Ventspils Livonia Castle, the oldest remaining building from the 13th century in Ventspils, which is concerned, amongst other things, with the history of the castle and the city. The permanent exhibition is complemented by temporary smaller exhibitions. solavi, our innovative dealers from Latvia, presented this temporary exhibition:

A lot of interesting information about the history of Ventspils is displayed on a 74" HoloProTM screen in 16:10 format.

Interactive HoloProTM at Nikon... or: an impressive website at "Salon de la photo" in Paris

We would also like to tell you about a strikingly beautiful installation courtesy of our Swiss dealers atracsys (interactive solutions): two 50" HoloProTM screens adorned Nikon´s fair stand at "Salon de la photo" in Paris.

"...Nikon decided to use state-of-the-art interactive technology to present their latest models..." it says on the atracsys website.
You can try out many of the new Nikon functions on an interactive HoloProTM. See for yourself - an impressive, interactive Nikon that viewers will love!

HoloPro™ at Peek & Cloppenburg (in an interesting comparison)

A fantastic opportunity presented itself to pronova in Dcember last year: there was a chance to evaluate a trial application of a HoloPro™ by netvico in a shop window at the former P&C department store in Oberhausen. 

Whereas LED walls or LCD screens take up - and cover up - the entire shop window area, HoloPro™ can present videos and information without impairing the view of the shop window. The entire area is still available for presenting goods.

The HoloStore is also quick and easy to install thanks to the new Mediabox. 



HoloProTM 67" with Mediabox
HoloProTM 67" with the Mediabox

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