NEWSletter September 2013

Dear HoloPro™ friends,

today we would like to inform you of a very special, brilliant shop window installation (by brilliant we mean the angle; we don't need to say that we are brilliant! :o)

Have you also got an idea or a project and thought that HoloProTM wouldn't work? As you see, it can! Give us a call; we will be glad to help you with your projects.

Best wishes from Bergisch Gladbach

Your pronova-Team

HoloProTM installed in "Seventh Heaven"!

A 50" 16:9-HoloProTM embedded in a shop window is the eye-catcher at the new concept store, "Siebter Himmel" ("Seventh Heaven") by Bastei-Lübbe. The transparent projection is drawing the attention of passers-by right in the centre of the Belgian Quarter in Cologne and inviting them to come in.

The special thing about this foil is the the angle of projection is only 20° as opposed to the usual 36°. This special design was chosen because of the special location of the shop window in the basement. And there is no reduction in quality either.

The screen is transparent from the inside; from outside you will see a high-contrast, brilliant picture that seems to float in empty space...

Shop window called "seventh heaven", Bastei Lübbe, with an 50" 16:9-HoloPro-screen

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