HoloProTM-Press Release 01/2010

Press release "Minority Report" for marketing strategists

January 2010

HoloPro™ - the fundamental element of the futuristic digital signage concept from Intel and Microsoft

At the NRF (National Retail Federation Convention), Intel, in cooperation with Microsoft, presented a brand new digital signage concept:

At the heart of the new element is a special 79" (1.46 m x 1.69 m) HoloPro™ portrait-format screen positioned next to an LCD monitor. This creates a room-designing element that appears mostly transparent, and therefore open. The design concept is by Frog-Design, an international company that was founded as Esslinger Design in the Black Forest and is now based in the Silicon Valley. "Frog" is an acronym for Federal Republic of Germany.

The new digital signage concept will take us further into the future: just like in the science fiction film, "Minority Report", the software determines the height, age and sex of the customers with the help of a camera and in this way can call up suitable advertising. At the same time, the style of the customer's clothing can also be recognised and the appropriate goods presented as well.

An integrated multi-touch surface also enables the customers to enter their own wishes and carry out searches. Combined with an appropriate database, the customers are then guided to the shops in question on a virtual plan. Augmented Reality images round off this digital signage platform of the future.

The technology is based on Intel™s Core i7 processor with Microsoft™s Windows Embedded Standard 2011...

and on the fascinating effect of HoloPro™!

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