HoloProTM-Press Release 05/2011

Museumsreif! ('ready for the museum') ... and experience what moves the world

Globe at Übersee-Museum Bremen

HoloProTM is ready for the museum!

The museum concept planned by MUSEUMSREIF! for the new permanent exhibition "Experience what moves the world!" at the Übersee-Museum-Bremen was realised by using three large special HoloProTM screens.

A great part of this exhibition - not only metaphorically - is a flat-format "globe" that can be seen on two floors of the exhibition area in the first atrium of the museum. The special HoloProTM screens have been used to good effect in this impressive installation. The trick with this map of the world is that the screens give it a sharply three-dimensional effect.

The use of HoloProTM makes the projections a real eye-catcher that fits perfectly into the overall picture and makes it a great experience: HoloProTM moves the world!

With its new permanent exhibition "Experience what moves the world!", the Übersee-Museum Bremen offers its visitors seven ways to trace global phenomena and their connections.

When the exhibition was opened, two comments on it were "flagship of German museums" and "the most demanding thing we have ever done". The exhibition designers of MUSEUMSREIF! have presented this latest part of the permanent exhibition in a new, fresh way.


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