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HoloSign is used once again as the sculpture at the 2011 Communicator Prize Award
Communicator Prize Award 2011

HoloSign is used once again as the sculpture at the 2011 Communicator Prize Award

"PLAY A HUNCH" is the title of this year's sculpture at the 2011 Communicator Prize Award, which is presented to good effect by HoloSign.

On 5 July 2011 the Communicator Prize was awarded by the President of the German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG), Professor Matthias Kleiner, and the President of the Stifterverband, Dr. Arend Oetker, as part of the DFG Annual Conference in Bonn, to Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer, who is director of both the Max Planck Institute for Educational Research in Berlin and the newly founded (2008) Harding Centre for Risk Competence, also in Berlin.

The “Communicator Prize – Stifterverband Academic Award”, which has a value of 50,000 euros, is considered the most important accolade for the communication of academic results in the media and public in Germany.  The jury honoured the effective public presentation of the academic knowledge of the psychologist and risk researcher, Professor Gerd Gigerenzer.
The holographic sculpture of the Communicator Prize is as extraordinary as the work of the prize-winner. It was designed once again by the painter and light artist Michael Bleyenberg and implemented technically as a HoloSign.
It says on the DFG website: “Once again, Michael Bleyenberg's intention was to make reference to the prize-winner's work in his design, and this intention has led to the creation of a unique work of art. One of Prof Gigerenzer's fields of research is intuitive decision processes. Such processes are very familiar to Mr Bleyenberg as a designer."
"The sculpture is a 'game with decisions'", says Bleyenberg. “The hologram shows two pictures, or rather two elements, which complement each other.
To do this, I use a technical option that makes it possible to project two or more pictures onto the same screen. You can see both pictures if you look from the right or the left. If you move to the centre, directly in front of the hologram, you will see the two pictures superimposed, an animation you can control according to your 'gut feeling'. You can decide on one or more pictures. What can be seen? A text, challenging you to PLAY A HUNCH!"
Michael Bleyenberg designs light sculptures and light applications for public areas. He designed the large mural entitled AUGENFEUER (“Eye fire”) on the extension to the DFG building in Bonn. Another example of his work is the outside façade of the DFG building in Bonn, which shines as a richly coloured, more than ten-metre-high work of art thanks to HoloSign.

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